Using Recorded Lectures in Teaching Higher Education in an Online Remote Learning Context

Posted by on January 31, 2024 in Recent Publications | 0 comments

Kenneth Louis CavanlitEricka Mae Encabo & Aurelio Vilbar


The COVID-19 pandemic caused academic institutions to shift to online remote teaching. In the Philippines, slow internet connectivity has been a concern since it can disrupt the flow of online classes. To address the issue, recorded lectures, which can be viewed with or without an internet connection, were used in teaching an online communicative grammar course. This study shows that the students used different viewing strategies such as pausing, filtering and scanning text, and scrolling and rewatching portions of the recorded lectures. Moreover, the performance rating of the students indicated that they were closely approximating mastery in relation to grammatical accuracy. The findings revealed that using recorded lectures in teaching higher education in an online remote learning context impacted convenience, topic understanding, time management, and interaction.


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